Hours of Operation

The EMI Childcare Center is open year-round. The hours of operation are Sunday-Saturday 6:30 am- 12:00am. Parents/Guardians may register children for full-time, part-time, weekend, and drop-in schedules as they become available. Full-time enrollment does receive priority enrollment over part-time. Specific guidelines for the program(s) for which they are enrolled much be followed.

First Day Checklist

Please provide the following items on or before your child’s first day at our program. ALL items MUST be labeled with your child’s first and last name. Blankets and other soft items, on your provided list per age group, must be taken home and washed at the end of each week or more often if and when necessary.

Infant/Toddlers (Non-Toilet Trained Children)

Preschool/ Pre-k (Toilet Trained Children)

Classes We Offer


Infant Program: Where many 1st are achieved and sign language is introduced.


Toddler Program: Interaction and engagement are paired with exploration.


Preschool Program: Introduction to a foreign language, ASL, and the skills needed for Pre-K.


Pre-Kindergarten Program: Preparing children for kindergarten success.

Our Educators: Our teachers are fun, engaging, and dedicated professionals that exceed the daycare requirements for employment. We highlight their individual talents to aid in our program growing as a whole.

Other additional requirements:

1. Must complete a 30 day onboarding process and in-class training. New hires are mentored
throughout the process of their first 90 days. This is training done the ECC way.

2. All of our educators must pass all state and federal background checks.

3. CPR and First Aid Certified

4. Complete Professional Development and continued education is a requirement as we strive
to maximize each child’s early learning experience.

Our Educational Approach: Our curriculum is designed to be informative and engaging for all ages and stages of our students.

1.We bridge the transition from home to school with our pleasantly calm environment. A great amount of thought has been put into making each space enjoyable for an optimal learning experience.

2. High quality furnishings indoor and outdoor to inspire learning and cultivate each child’s development.

3. Indoor and Outdoor classes are provided.

4. Charming learning centers in each classroom.

5. Garden to teach children about the origin of our food. They enjoy the farm to table
aspect of growing and learning about vegetables.

6. Introduction to foreign language through Spanish emersion.

7. American Sign Language is taught from infancy and expanded upon throughout each

Supporting Families

Our families are a part of our communities from across Madison County, AL. We partner with parents to create an environment ensuring their child’s growth and learning experiences are as expected. Families are supported as their children transition into
different classes and achieve milestones. Information is provided to families about
locating support for tuition assistance and other community resources.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

Open From 6:30am-5:30pm


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